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Our quality, economical Blade Pleaters have always been popular with small and large companies alike.


  • Will pleat a wide variety of media types including synthetics, cellulose and wire mesh
  • Can be configured variously for many tasks using the available options
  • Low purchase price makes it ideal for formative companies


  • Multiple roll unwind stands
  • Electrically heated tables: post~/pre~, upper/lower tables with electronic temperature controllers
  • In-line slitting for non standard media widths
  • Manual cross-cutter for cutting packs to length
  • Precision spray pack marking device with electronic counter
  • Pneumatic rear compression system

N.B.: All machines manufactured and supplied by SOLENT TECHNOLOGY, INC. are finalized in specification after close liaison with the customer. However, we reserve the right to vary design features, dimension, etc. as improvements or modifications dictate.