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In addition to the sale of our machinery, we also offer services to support our existing and potential customers.


Our service doesn't stop with the sale of our systems.  We offer training, technical support, and on-site maintenance/repair.


Your staff can be trained in the operation and maintenance by our representative - either this would be on your own system at your own facility but can be completed at our Columbia, SC plant.


All our systems come with free online/telephone technical support for the lifetime of the equipment.


Regular servicing of producton machinery is important to ensure reliability so we can get our service engineers to you when you need them.


As an initiative to help small companies get started in the market we provide contract pleating services.  This means that we can produce anything from a few samples to a shipping order of your product whilst your machine is on order, being upgraded, refurbished, or simply to help with production setup.


  • We have extensive experience in producing HEPA, ULPA and ASHRAE elements in Minipleat with hot melt adhesive spacing to minimize any damage to the media
  • Pleat heights ranging from ½" to 6" (13 to 150mm)
  • Adhesive beads can be continuous or interrupted and either applied to both sides for standard packs or to one side only for cartridge type elements
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